Institutional Asset Management

We understand the complexities of institutional asset management.  From the nuances of the investment committee structure to balancing the short-term needs of an organization with its long-term viability, adding the services of an independent advisor is often a prudent way for leaders of an organization to help fulfill their fiduciary duty.  We help our advisor partners serve institutional clients in a variety of ways.

CLICK HERE to view our institutional asset management webinars:

Fiduciary Duty and Investment Decisionmaking for Nonprofits (30 minutes)

Investment Policy Statements – Part One (15 minutes)

Investment Policy Statements – Part Two (15 minutes)

For endowments, foundations, and pension plans, we help advisors provide full-service asset management including investment policy creation, asset allocation, portfolio management, and fiduciary consulting.  We can also serve as a consultant to provide related services such as those above and/or manager search and due diligence, committee meeting management and documentation, or other services as needed by your organization.

For defined contribution plans and other types of corporate retirement plans, we help you work with trustees and company leaders to identify services that are right for the organization, assist with portfolio selection, as well as provide investment advice to participants.

East Bay is proud to offer very unique services for advisors of non-profits as a commitment to those doing good work in our community.  Please contact us for more information.