How it Works

Unless we have collaborated before, we expect that you will want to get to know how we work and the quality of our research before jumping into a full-scale relationship.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to begin with a specific investment question or project your firm might be facing.

Our relationships begin with a conversation about investment philosophies and your approach to your practice.  Once we are sure that our cultures are a fit, we can begin our work together.  It is important to note that what separates us from many of the OCIO providers out there is that we serve as an extension of your team and process.  We will provide guidance and evidence that may validate or contradict your existing beliefs, but we do not require you to adopt East Bay’s approach 100%.  We believe we can contribute to your EVOLUTION, not a revolution.

Next we establish the “rules of engagement.”  Like all good relationships, setting clear expectations up front is the best way to prevent misunderstandings.  We are sure that you prefer not to deal with emergencies; we can help you hone your practice to avoid client fires, and we assure you that our relationship won’t start any, either.

We typically start with a detailed review of your present portfolio strategy, make our recommendations, then assist with implementation,  client communication, and ongoing services.

We can then begin with scheduled tasks listed here.